The Flight
My First abroad travelling flight

The Flight

The flight is ready to take off. Your seat is upright, the seat belt is fastened, the tray table locked. The plane picks up speed and you get the familiar feeling of being sucked into a vacuum. And then, just when you’re beginning to wonder how long this will go on…weightlessness. You realize with a tinge of regret, air travel no longer frightens and enchants you like it used to.

The land is fast falling beneath you. Your eyes frantically try to search for your home, or at least for some semblance of familiarity for one last time, but it’s lost in the confusion of buildings, roads, slums, hoardings, cars, what not. And all too suddenly, the land recedes and a vast carpet of water fills up your view. That’s when it hits you with a sinking feeling: the price of sanity is your sense of belonging.

You sit back, take a deep breath and direct your mind onward, into the limitless, shapeless future. Now there’s a frightening, enchanting flight.

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